ABOUT Handi Crafts

Handicrafts are mostly defined as "Items made by hand, often with the use of simple tools, and are generally artistic and/or traditional in nature. They are also objects of utility and objects of decoration.

Main Crafts 

Wood Carving creates wide designs in wood by hand with the help of carving tools is called wood carving which is a traditional craft in Kerala.

    Rose Wood
    Sandal Wood
    White Wood
    Country Wood
    Other Wood
Bell Metal
Bell metal craft is one of the tradtional craft in kerala and is an aloy of copper and tin. This craft has won worldwide reputation for its artistic perfection. This craft is mainly practised by crafts persons belonging to a particular community. The bell metal castings are done in the well known method of lost wax process. Major bell metal crafts include traditional lamps, uruli & temple pooja sets etc
Buffallo Horn
  This craft is mainly concentrated in the capital city of Kerala. Artisans belonging to a particular community are mainly practising this craft. A wide range of decorative utility crafts like flower sets, birds, animals, fish etc are made out of horn.
Screwpine mat weaving is one of the traditional crafts in Kerala. Different types of mats are woven with screwpine leaves.
Other Craft





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